Steel Fire Door Structural Materials

- Sep 18, 2017-

Steel Fire Door Structural materials

Introduction of steel fireproof door structure materials

Introduction of steel fireproof door structure materials. The use of fire doors is already a common social phenomenon, and is widely used by many civil buildings or commercial buildings as fireproof materials to enhance the fire safety performance of buildings.

Steel fire doors have all steel fire doors and steel wooden fire doors, these two fire doors in the material is slightly different. Then we have to fire door manufacturers to introduce you to the two kinds of steel fire door material what is the difference.

All doors and windows of fire doors, door frames and door panels are made of steel materials, filled with non-toxic fireproof insulation materials in the door, and then use fire-resistant hardware accessories to do connectors and fasteners, It constitutes a fire resistance with excellent fire resistance.

Steel wood fire doors are made of steel and firewood wood material door frame, door frame and door panels, the interior also has a fire-resistant material filled. Gangmu fire doors not only fire, heat insulation and other excellent performance, but also has a strong decorative effect. Fire doors manufacturers of fire doors do this type of style is also more fashionable style, won the favor of customers.

As a fire door is the most important and most important performance is to have a good fire performance, and this door in this regard is definitely the best performance of the same type of product. First of all, from the production of steel fire door inside and outside the material point of view, whether it is filled with materials or steel are the best choice, the internal filling material to play the best fire retardant effect, and the external and internal materials can be the most effective Protection, so that the actual use of both can play the best level to play the best flame retardant effect.

Secondly, the current steel doors are more analytical and flowered than other products. This advanced production technique not only greatly reduces the labor cost of producing steel doors, but also effectively reduces the error so that the production materials Loss to a minimum. Unnecessary cost of consumption to a minimum so that enterprises have greater energy into the quality of the work to improve, so the finished steel door every part of the quality of the results are more uniform and excellent. Steel fire door features:

When the fire occurs, installed in the roof of the smoke sensor (referred to as smoke) first received the smoke signal, while the central control system to the police, fire central control system through the identification of fire area where the fire door power, So that the fire area of the fire shutter at a certain speed down. When the shutter down to about 1.5 meters from the ground position, stop down, in order to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. Steel fire door in the middle to stay for a certain time, then continue down until close. The descending speed and intermediate dwell time of the fire shutter doors can be adjusted during installation.

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