Roller Shutter Fire Door To Prevent The Spread Of Fire

- Sep 18, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door To prevent the spread of fire

Control equipment and line installation

Fire shutter doors are different from automatic alarm systems. Automatic alarm system is the first stage of the fire and the second stage of the initial work, and its task is only alarm. The role of fire shutter doors is to prevent the spread of fire, the main work in the second phase of the fire - burning stage. If the control and power supply lines are burned out at the beginning of the fire, or if the control circuit insulation is damaged, the shutter doors are misopened and cause more serious consequences. Therefore, the fire shutter doors control equipment and the safety of the line is very important.

A. Control the installation of the equipment

Electric fire shutter door control equipment, including linkage control box, control box, manual control box, drop position limiter and so on. Among them, in addition to manual control box cover in the combustion space, other equipment should be placed in a certain refractory grade non-burning body structure. For example: the evacuation of the stairs of the fire shutter doors of the linkage control box, the control box should be installed in the staircase between the walls; elevator front of the fire shutter door linkage control box, control box should be located in the ceiling of the front room; The control box can be located closer to the power supply line, but must be located in the fire ceiling, can not be exposed to the ceiling below. The location of the equipment placed in the ceiling should also take into account the convenience of maintenance.

B. Power line and control circuit installation

Electric fire shutter doors of the power lines and control lines, should be used flame retardant wire through the steel pipe in the non-burning body structure, and laying in the ceiling and thus lead to the control box of the line should be protected by metal hose.

In large shopping malls and other public buildings, if the number of layers of fire pressure on each floor, should be divided into several loop power supply. One can reduce the diameter of the buried pipe; the second is to reduce the scope of power failure. Rolling door control box to the motor, the limiter line should be protected with metal hose, it is best to wear heat or fire-resistant wire. Because the motor, the stopper and the shutter door are connected together, there is an opening groove on the ceiling of the shutter door, which will cause the fireworks to enter the ceiling, which is unfavorable to the wires of the motor and the stopper. Linkage control box to the control box of the wire should also be used to wear heat-resistant wire hose laying in the ceiling, and the best close to the floor laying. Manual control box and threading pipe directly embedded in the concrete column or wall, the general can meet the fire rating requirements. But a section of the line leading to the control box is laid in the ceiling, therefore, must be used to wear heat-resistant wire hose laying.

In the electric fire shutter door system in a large number of the use of metal hoses, joints and more, therefore, must use a special metal connector, connected to the device or threading pipe nozzle, and should not use plastic tape and other non-standard way fixed to the device On or at the mouth.

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