Roller Shutter Fire Door The Role And Effect Of Fire Shutter Doors

- Aug 01, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door The role and effect of fire shutter doors

The role and effect of fire shutter doors

Fireproof shutter doors are based on the steel roller, the transmission parts to be modified, together with the fire and other electrical equipment, in order to achieve fire protection: fire motor control by the fire control box, driven by the transmission device scrolls closed, Can also be used when the fire motor on the manual handle, can be achieved manually. In the mechanical relative movement, the use of coupling instead of sprocket drive, rail friction at the installation of copper or nylon. It is most suitable for the use or storage of combustible gases, volatile chemicals and other factories and warehouses with high fires and other hazards that may occur or may explode.

1, the internal use of integrated bus, data transmission is reliable, fast.

2, with phase sequence automatic detection, correction and lack of protection. The main power supply can be switched automatically (with power).

3, with a wealth of reserved interface, with the fire control center linkage.

4, all-electronic learning memory limit, absolutely accurate, regardless of the upper or lower limit positioning will never change.

5, the use of advanced microcomputer processor technology, stable and reliable, no upper limit height limit.

6, with smoke ﹑ temperature signal synchronization step by step detection function.

7, the operating parameters of the set, simple, convenient and accurate.

8, with manual priority escape function. In the three-phase power or the main power failure, the controller through the rapid release device to automatically reduce the shutter to play the function of closing the shutter.

Classification of fire shutter doors

Fire shutter doors with the role of the same firewall to play the same level of fire, it is by the curtain plate, seat plate, rails, bearings, reel, box, control box, rolling door machine, limiter, lintel, manual speed switch device, Button switches and insurance devices and other 13 parts, generally installed in the inconvenience to use the firewall separated parts. Such as: open elevator hall, escalator, department store large business hall, the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall and the building can not use the larger fire doors and windows of the site. Fire shutter doors in the construction works, so that the separation of fire has been the majority of applications.

According to material points

Steel, composite, inorganic and so on.

According to the installation form

Wall, the wall side (or hole, outside the hole) two.

Press the direction of opening

Roll and side volumes.

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