Roller Shutter Fire Door Stop The Flame

- Sep 05, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door Stop the flame

According to the process of decision, the fire shutter door set in addition to the firewall, there is no firewall between the two fire zones should also be set fire shutter. Generally located in the following parts.

(1) closed evacuation staircase leading to the aisle; closed elevator, leading to the front room and front room leading to the door of the walkway.

(2) Inspection doors for vertical pipe wells such as cable wells, piping wells, flue gas traps, and garbage roads.

(3) division of the fire partition, control of the partition building area of the firewall and fire wall on the door. When building a firewall or fire door is difficult, use a fire shutter door instead, with water curtain protection.

(4) specifications (such as GB50045-95 "high-rise civil building design fire safety norms") or the design of special requirements fire, smoke barrier partition door.

For example, the equipment doors (cylinder room, foam station, etc.) of the fixed fire extinguishing device attached to the high-rise civil buildings, the ventilation doors of the air-conditioned rooms, etc. should be of Class A fire doors; The basement room on the wall of the door, should be used Class A fire doors; due to conditions, must be in the high-rise buildings within the layout of fuel, gas boilers, fuel oil oil-immersed power transformers, filled with fuel oil high voltage capacitors and switches, Dedicated rooms on the wall of the door, should be used Class A fire doors. There are special requirements to be designed to fire the sub-door, such as fire control command center, archives, valuables warehouse and other sub-door, usually use Class A or B fire doors. High-level high-level residential building sub-door, often using fire security door.

Mainly used for large supermarkets (supermarkets), large shopping malls, large professional materials market, large exhibition hall, plant, warehouse and other fire places require public places. When the fire occurs, the fire shutter doors in the fire under the control of the central control system, according to pre-set procedures automatically down (down), so as to prevent the spread of the flame to other areas of the role for the implementation of fire fighting for valuable time.

Under normal circumstances, large-scale construction in accordance with the provisions of the National Fire Law, the fire control of the central control system. When the fire occurs, installed in the roof of the smoke sensor (referred to as smoke) first received a smoke signal, while the central control system to the police, fire central control system through the identification of the fire area after the fire shutter door power supply, the fire Area of the fire shutter at a certain speed down. When the shutter down to about 1.5 meters from the ground position, stop down, in order to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. Fire shutter doors in the middle of a certain time to stay, and then continue down until close. The descending speed and intermediate dwell time of the fire shutter doors can be adjusted during installation.

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