Roller Shutter Fire Door Selection Aspects

- Sep 27, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door Selection aspects

Shutter doors of the Notes

1, shutter doors up and down when the opening and closing to see if there are piles, especially fire shutter doors and fire system linkage, often due to improper operation caused by fire shutter door damage, or tilt. The ordinary electric shutter doors should also pay special attention to the curtain in the opening and closing at the same time should be in the field, in case of curtain tilt or track card position should be stopped in time curtain opening and closing, so as not to motor and curtains cause greater damage The

2, curtains in the opening and closing at the same time, the prohibition of pedestrians and running, because the curtain in the opening and closing of the curtain is connected through the joint, and the motor and drive shaft is also very little insecurity. So the curtain in the start should try not to run someone.

3, businesses in the selection should also be considered, lightweight, durable and durable material, so that even in special circumstances can also play a higher security issues.

4, the shutter door motor is also an important part of the purchase, remember not to mention the ability to enhance the line on the line, because the shutter door motor bearing capacity will be over time, will slowly reduce the actual lifting effect, so the selection as far as possible The actual lifting force beyond the curtain.

5, the brand is also an indispensable factor in the choice of a business, many businesses will choose low-cost, low-quality private small workshop to produce, of course, is to reduce the cost, but anyway, a lot of small processing plants in order to reduce production costs, Blindly reduce the accessories material, the quality of the installation at the same time there is no way to get the appropriate protection, as well as maintenance is the case, when the customer pay the full amount of money after a lot of manufacturers because the cost of the amount of excess will choose not to customer maintenance, Point is also one of the factors worthy of customer reflection.

How to pick an electric retractable door?

A: select the size, shape

In the phase shape at the same time, according to the space required to select the appropriate size, select the appropriate electric retractable door, the other depends on the connection is not strong, but also depends on whether the wear and tear!

Second: check the installation quality

With the key to open the door has been installed in the lock, the lock cylinder should be flexible and flexible, no jamming phenomenon; door in the 90 ° process, should be flexible, no jamming, abnormal sound and so on. After installing the security door, the user must first check the key, insurance policy, invoices and after-sales service orders and other accessories and information and anti-theft door manufacturers to provide the same accessories and information, do not appear less key situation.

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