Roller Shutter Fire Door Insulation Facilities

- Jun 01, 2017-

Fire shutter doors are a kind of fireproof and heat insulation facilities suitable for large openings in buildings. The products have played a certain role in the design and installation. Fire shutter doors are widely used in industrial and civil buildings of the fire partition area, can effectively prevent the spread of fire to protect the safety of life and property, is an indispensable modern fire safety facilities.

Installation and use of fire shutter doors

1, the installation of the shutter door of the upper part of the mouth shall not be equipped with ventilation pipes,

2, the shutter door installed, the installation of the ceiling, ceiling edge should be 50mm from the curtain to avoid friction;

3, debugging and use, is strictly prohibited at the bottom of the station. Electrical equipment shall not be removed;

4, according to the provisions of the fire management quarterly in the routine fire safety inspection must not be missed to start the motor chain lubricants, which is a lot of property units, or fire units in the inspection omission of an important part.

Fire shutter area should be calculated according to the national construction project budget and final accounts. Calculated method: (fire shutter doors height + 600mm) × (shutter door width +200mm) Note: (hole high beam under the beam to the ground, the rail need to be embedded) box and lace area calculated as: (hole width) × (Bottom + facade) to expand the calculation area. Height to do the measurement after the distance with the roof to maintain a gap of 30cm

Local setting

(1) Division of fire zones

(2) specifications (such as GB50016-2014 "architectural design design fire safety norms") or design special requirements fire, smoke barrier partition door.

Fire shutter doors with the role of the same firewall to play the same level of fire, it is by the curtain plate, seat plate, rails, bearings, reel, box, control box, rolling door machine, limiter, lintel, manual speed switch device, Button switches and insurance devices and other 13 parts, generally installed in the inconvenience to use the firewall separated parts. Such as: open elevator hall, escalator, department store large business hall, the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall and the building can not use the larger fire doors and windows of the site. Fire shutter doors in the construction works, so that the separation of fire has been the majority of applications.

In addition to the role of ordinary doors, fire doors, fire, smoke, inhibit the spread of fire, protect the evacuation of special features, widely used in high-rise buildings, large shopping malls and other personnel Intensive occasions.

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