Roller Shutter Fire Door Craftsmanship

- Oct 19, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door Craftsmanship

So the steel doors, doors of the direction of its innovative in what direction? Fire shutter doors of the person in charge that the steel doors, doors of the enterprise independent direction is mainly reflected in the product design innovation and marketing practices and service ideas on the innovation The

The details of the direction of the details of the development of enterprises, please focus on the following: we are mainly from the innovation to create the power to discuss the business: innovation is the soul of corporate culture, fire shutter doors only to create innovative enterprises as the core Culture, in order to continuously transport power for enterprises, cultivate the enterprise innovation culture, so that enterprises quickly establish a high-end brand image. Then still from the above mentioned three points, steel doors, wooden doors can not blindly invest, the main resources concentrated in the steel doors, doors of the product design, steel doors, doors of product development, corporate marketing practices Innovation, enterprise production equipment on the strengthening of corporate service level of progress and so on.

To seize these core, in order to allow enterprises to quickly establish their own position in the wooden door market, thus occupying more market share.

From the appearance of the above, the development of steel doors so far, in the production process has been relatively perfect, a variety of styles, creative infinite, full of glory, color according to people, nice, rich in art, with three-dimensional. Steel doors are the first choice for indoor doors, it is suitable for a variety of interior decoration style, or noble and elegant, or fresh and simple, or highlight the personality, or the pursuit of quality, steel doors interpretation of high grade life.

The use of high-quality steel doors as the main body, with high hardness, good gloss, no deformation, anti-aging, anti-radiation, wear-resistant, resistant to erosion, is a high-end luxury products; Long tree steel doors to introduce advanced production equipment, Unique thermal transfer technology, sophisticated technology. Steel plate through the chemical degreasing, rust, phosphate, and then electrostatic spraying, high temperature baking, after the transfer was natural wood-like; facade realistic, bright, feel smooth, delicate, durable products. Steel doors to the pursuit of quality priority, while focusing on the embodiment of inexpensive products, through the door frame and the door for the perfect combination, so that when we install more simple, time-saving, labor, food, save money.

Steel doors are derived from the wooden door of a new type, although it was born early, but for now, it is still the main door with the door, then steel doors in the end what kind of charm? First of all, we understand the structure from the steel doors, steel doors by the steel, wood, honeycomb paper, plastic paint and other raw materials, which by the steel plate as the core, the outside is the wood grain Face treatment, door filled with honeycomb paper.

As a result, steel doors produced, from its material can be seen, steel doors have a certain anti-theft function, but also has a certain degree of environmental protection. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly features will make steel doors more and more people are welcome, and thus quickly occupied the wooden market share, become a wooden market Guilin one.

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