Roller Shutter Fire Door A Fire

- Oct 30, 2017-

Roller Shutter Fire Door A fire

In China, there are tens of thousands of fires per year, because of the huge damage caused by the fires and the high rate of injuries. Fire prevention campaigns are ongoing every year, and the propaganda is gradually increasing, and everyone should be aware of fire prevention. When it comes to fireproofing, fire shutter doors and fire shutter doors are a fireproof necessity.

Fire shutter doors can be seen in many large supermarkets, and now the small shops on the street are also using fire shutter doors. It is not only a door, but also a mechanical and electrical comprehensive performance fire protection products. In industrial and civil building fire partition area, fire shutter can effectively prevent the fire, to ensure the safety of people's life and property, also can smoke, to protect personnel during a fire can not trapped by the heavy smoke, can safely evacuated. Fire shutter in our daily life has a very important role, it also has many types, customers can choose according to need not the location of the different fire shutter, in order to achieve better effect of fire.

Fire shutter door is fireproof must be tasted, we cannot ignore its function, must make full use of good fire shutter door, in order to protect everybody's life security.

1. The curtain is made of radiation-proof cloth, aluminum silicate, aluminum silicate fireproof cloth, decorative cloth, steel wire, splint, wind hook, bottom plate, and all parts are connected together as a whole (as shown in the picture). The supplier shall ensure that the fire-proof performance of all parts and the whole curtain shall meet the requirements of the national standards.

2. Inorganic fire curtain thickness A= 12 ~ 15mm. The curtain shall not have any internal leakage caused by scratches or stitches. The number of seams shall be no more than three layers per meter, and the seam should avoid overlap. The force joints on the curtain surface should be sewn with a double stitching, and the joint size of the joints shall not be less than 20 mm; The non-stress seam on the curtain surface can be sewn with single wire, and the joints of the joints are not less than 10 mm.

3. Board spacing B=400 ~ 500mm, width C= 30 ~ 35mm, thickness D=4 ~ 6mm, material thickness is greater than 0.8mm, and the spacing of fastening bolt is less than 600mm. The most remote fastening bolts are less than 30 mm from the edge of the curtain. 4. The diameter of the wire rope is 2 ~ 4 mm, and the spacing of wire rope is equal to 600mm.

5. The thickness of the hook material is greater than 3.0mm, the thickness of the hook thickness is 15 ~ 20mm, 6. The surface of the floor shall be flat without collision or scratch, and the thickness of the material shall be equal to 1.0mm.

7. The bottom plate is shorter than the curtain and short H=70 ~ 80mm.

In addition to the common door function, fire protection door has the special function of fire prevention and smoke separation. In the structure of the fire zone, such as the need to pass between class a fire door should be set up (fireproof limit of 1.2 h) port construction in the event of fire, to some extent, it can prevent or delay the spread of fire. Fire door must have a reasonable material selection, good fireproof property of the structure, the reliable determination of the fireproof performance must be through the national standard test methods, namely fire test method of the doors and rolling of refractory detection (GB7633-87). Civil construction of the fire door in addition to the need to reach a certain refractory limit, but should also has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful, durable fire door according to the refractory limit is divided into b fire doors, fire doors and class c fire doors; According to the materials used, wood fire doors, steel fire doors and composite materials fire doors; Open fire door and push-pull fire door according to its opening mode; Set by the door leaf structure is divided into glass fire door and fire door with glass, bring a bright window, and do not bring a bright window fire doors fire door by door frames, door leaf, control equipment and accessories and so on, its structure and quality of its fire protection and smoke isolation performance has direct impact on the mouth to determine the fire resistance of fire door is mainly the porter stability, integrity, whether was damaged and whether the fire lost function.

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