Performance Characteristics Of Fire Shutter Doors

- Nov 04, 2016-

1, selection after special processing, the non-metallic materials, curtains sewing, texture, flexibility and tensile strength, oxidation resistance and moisture resistance of steel rolling shutter (with spray equipment) of special grade fire shutter control has a unique place, with very good fire under the orders.

2, selection, because the curtain made of non-metallic raw materials, curtain thickness is small, small footprint on an equal basis can improve the efficient use of space in the building, also landed on the build layer of high importance.

3, curtain weight is less than 5Kg, only one-fifth of the steel curtain, invalid load landed on the building's importance.

4, do not need water curtain guards, the abolition of control and water supply pipe is equipped with, reducing the amount of water from fire service installations, big ups and downs landed cost.

5, thanks to mobilization, low noise.

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