Modular House Door Modular Integrated Building

- Jun 15, 2017-

Modular House Door Modular integrated building

odular housing has begun to gradually into the people's vision, but the concept of modular housing most people still do not know, the so-called modular housing is the composition of the house, divided into different functional modules, with standardized, modular , Generalized production to achieve factory manufacturing, housing can be assembled anytime, anywhere in the field, and the whole process takes only a few hours to complete. The modular integrated building completely overturns the traditional housing construction and non-recyclable mode, can be simple, retro, habitable, entertaining, can be used for special purposes. Easy to transport installation, demolition, reuse. Scientific and technological invention and progress, for the integration of the construction needs of the provision of technical support to create a free and ever changing, scientific intelligence, harmony with the natural dance, integration of modern and traditional technology coexistence of various types of buildings.

[1] General labor costs account for about 20% of construction costs, can directly reduce the cost of 15%. In the construction process, but also a substantial reduction in construction waste, so that the project put into use as soon as possible. Modular building modular building is a new form of building structure, modular building structure system, a single room as a module in the factory for prefabrication, and in the factory interior of the module layout and decoration, and then transported to the scene through Lifting the module can be reliably connected to the whole building, modular structure system prefabricated high proportion, can save manpower, material resources, reduce the duration, green. Compared with traditional buildings, the modular building has the advantage of being able to simplify the complex building structure, the complex functional system into subsystems, which is easier to manage and implement.

Modular building design and construction is based on the following ideas: First, to adapt to the architectural design is more extensive, the construction process to meet any new architectural design; Second, the space module is composed of two-dimensional plane components, through modular building manufacturing plant The production of assembly lines and strict quality control system, can all the two-dimensional components assembled into a space module, easy to transport, the construction of flexible i is to reduce the construction waste and repeated inputs, green; four is to reduce the amount of construction site, a large number of Save manpower. According to statistics, modular prefabricated building structure system can be as high as more than 85%, the rest of the site for the construction and module installation of the connection work. Modular building has been a lot of architectural master of the approval, made a lot of success stories. For example, the lofty group built a 30-storey hotel in Changsha. Is the use of modular solutions to build a hotel, a total of 15 days to complete the construction of the entire building. Construction process, the workers like building blocks, like the rapid installation of the frame and construction steel, the entire construction site, there is no construction waste. Modular construction and modular construction technology can be described as an unprecedented revolution in the history of architecture.

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