Metal Doors Pressure Balance Hole

- Jul 03, 2017-

Metal Doors Pressure balance hole

1, good roll gate drainage and pressure balance hole to be staggered position to process, so as to avoid direct access to cold and dust, tightly assembled drainage tank sector are equipped with a closed lid, so you can prevent the rain from the hole In the flow into the room.

2, good roll doors and windows of the glass used in the need to be smooth, no water, the installation of solid, and plastic profiles can not be in direct contact, there must be sealed with a pressure gap. If the double glass sandwich, sandwich should be no dust and water vapor.

3, a good roll gate sliding window window should be the lower part of the aluminum rail, so that in the daily maintenance will provide a lot of convenience, easy to replace, the general situation of the double pulley roll gate is better than the single pulley roll gate.

4, observe the appearance of the shutter gate color, if it is green and white is high quality, the color is too white or gray, then that the volume of the gate material is not good, the material is not chaotic composition is not high, a long time the volume gate will be yellow The

5, roll gate should be embedded in the steel lining is a professional, good roll gate seal will be smooth, no curling, no groove, no breath of the tape, a good roll doors and windows of the pressure, seals, etc. Auxiliary materials should be matched with the main materials.

If you want to live in a safe environment, it is important to maximize and pay attention to the safety of every detail in the home (business place). Therefore, it is necessary to focus on all possible anti-theft vulnerabilities because it is very dangerous and unwise to compromise. An insecure environment, not only makes you bother, but also lead to some unfortunate events such as "robbery." In seeking the best security settings, it is often easy to ignore the safety of their garage doors (business premises). A safe garage door (business place), it must have a high security lock anti-theft system. In the professional Shantou City for the new locks Co., Ltd. has a variety of safe garage doors (business premises) floor lock for the choice, you can choose a right to meet your requirements of the model.

Choosing the right lock for the garage door (business place) is a bit tricky if you have no knowledge of safety equipment in advance. If you wish to strengthen the security of your garage door (place of business), it is best to list ahead or log in to the new company website . First of all, it is best to get rid of the garage doors (business premises) are usually equipped with standard locks. These locks are unreliable and are easily hammered or pry open.

You must make sure that the garage door (business place) is not prying or calling for a long time to pry open, and when this happens, the scene is alarmable and promptly notify you that the gangster has not been able to enter the garage Before (business place) before.

Building doors and windows have different production materials, and now residential and other construction projects, generally have PVC (PVC), aluminum, stainless steel, color steel and other materials, and different materials used in the construction of doors and windows of the doors and windows hardware accessories are also different , Doors and windows open the way for the push and pull, flat open, hanging on the three, the use of doors and windows hardware accessories should also be consistent with the first focus on several commonly used doors and windows hardware accessories and purchase Note:

Seal: As the door and the door is a combination of plate between the head of the head, close the door instantaneous noise up to 120 decibels or so, seriously affecting the physical and mental health. The use of high-strength seal, not with the paint reaction, to ensure the smoothness of contact with the paint. And it also shock absorption, silencing, sealing, noise, moisture and other characteristics.

Hinge: used in flat doors and windows. Consumers in the purchase can be observed when the hinge material, copper, iron copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion materials made of, avoid the use of zinc alloy casting hinges.

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