Metal Doors Choose Steel

- Oct 10, 2017-

Metal Doors Choose steel

Every year because of the fire and a lot of economic losses and casualties, in this case we must do is protective measures, because they may have no attention in life, and sometimes the fire is not we can avoid, Especially in public places, if there is a fire, this steel fire door manufacturers have a fire door has the effect and effect, will reduce the flow of people caused by the majority of casualties and economic losses.

And for everyone in the choice of steel fire door manufacturers also need to be more careful, the quality of the clearance is basically no problem, such as this kind of fire protection device there are many, steel fire door manufacturers produce many types, are Is to provide the role of arson products.

This kind of steel fire door production of fire doors will block the fire source, so that the fire will not continue to spread to achieve the above mentioned situation, can effectively prevent the occurrence of various forms, which is a large shopping malls must be installed a device The Now there are all kinds of steel doors fire doors in the market, the price level is also a big difference, some businesses do sell high-grade goods, for personal gain, cheated those who do not understand steel wood fire door customers, which greatly affected The order of the industry. So customers should buy steel wood fire door before you must pay attention to the following points.

Line material: the current market lines are mainly divided into three categories: 1, wood-plastic lines: wood-plastic substrate surface foil (PVC) or stickers paint, because of its surface using the bonding process, in the course of veneer and substrate 2, plastic steel lines: plastic steel substrate surface film (PVC), because of its surface using the bonding process, in the course of the use of veneer And easy to fall off between the substrate, the emergence of surface foam and so on.

Door leaf surface treatment process: transfer paint process: steel plate by phosphating solution anti-corrosion treatment → steel plate bottom spray treatment → baking → wood will be transferred to the bottom of the heat transfer paint → baking → surface with automotive paint process. Performance is relatively stable.

Steel plate thickness is the best part of the product quality, due to the diversification of market prices, steel plate thickness is also different, such as to achieve product surface smooth, smooth, stable performance, steel plate thickness should reach 0.5mm and 0.5mm above, its prevention Hit, impact resistance in order to achieve good results.

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