GLASS FIRE DOOR Fire-proof Glass

- Jun 01, 2017-

As a key step in the family fire, fire doors play an extremely important irreplaceable role. It can not only play the role of ordinary doors of the anti-theft, but also to prevent the spread of fire, so by many families of all ages. But you know the fire door glass? The following Xiaobian will tell you what is the glass fire door.

Fire doors are glassy. Fireproof glass, the role of fire in the fire is mainly to control the spread or smoke, is a measure of fire-resistant materials, the fire effect to fire performance evaluation. It is a special process that has been specially processed and processed to maintain its integrity and heat insulation in specified refractory tests. The original glass of fireproof glass can be used float glass, tempered glass, composite fire glass can also be made of monolithic fire glass.

The classification of the glass fire doors is classified by the original fireproof door only, and is classified according to the glass fire door (class A), the departmental fireproof door (class B) and the non-insulated fire door (class C) The original A, B, C fire doors of the fire limit is adjusted to 1.5h, 1.0h and 0.5h, rich in China's glass fire door product categories, an increase of practical application of choice, for only need to have a glass fire door Departmental insulation or fire integrity requirements of the application, you can use the sector insulation or non-insulated fire doors.

Class A glass fire doors

Class A fire doors, also known as completely insulated fire doors, can meet the requirements of fire-resistant insulation and fire-resistant integrity at the same time. The fire-resistant grades are 0.5h (Grade C), 1.0h (Grade B), 1.5 H (first class) and 2.0h, 3.0h.

Class B glass fire doors

Class B fire doors, also known as part of the fire doors, fire resistance requirements of 0.5h, fire integrity levels were 1.0h, 1.5h, 2.0h, 3.0h.

Class C glass fire doors

Class C fire doors, also known as non-insulated fire doors, are not required for their fire-resistant insulation, only in the specified refractory time to meet the requirements of fire integrity, fire integrity levels were 1.0h, 1.5h, 2.0h , 3.0h. British BS standards, there is non-insulated fire door content.

GB16809-2008 "fire window" standard specifies the naming, classification and code of the fireproof window products, specifications and models, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage, etc., for the building with lighting function Of the steel fire window, wood fire window and Gangmu composite fire window, other fire windows can also refer to the implementation.

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