GLASS FIRE DOOR According To Its Structure

- Aug 12, 2017-

GLASS FIRE DOOR According to its structure

Introduction to glass fire doors and classification of fire doors

     A fire door is a door that meets the requirements of refractory stability, integrity and heat insulation for a certain period of time. Which, by the door frame, doors, windows, fire hinges, lock fire hardware accessories, hinges for the axis and the vertical axis, the shaft can be clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the one-way open or closed fire doors for flat open fire doors, including wood , Steel, glass fire doors and other materials fire doors. Pingkai fire door is an open fire door in China is currently the main installation and use of the building. At present, Pingkai fire doors products in the wood fire insulation doors and steel insulation fire doors products, bulky, has become a common important fire products to install and use the building.

Fire doors according to their material can be divided into:

1. Wood fire doors; 2. Steel fire doors; 3. Steel wood fire doors; 4 glass fire doors; 5. Other materials fire doors.

According to the number of its doors can be divided into:

1. Single fan fire doors; 2. Double fan fire doors; 3. Multi-fan fire doors.

According to its structure can be divided into:

1. Fire doors with fire-resistant glass on the door; 2. Fire doors for double-slot or single-slot doors; 3. Fire doors with bright windows; 4. Fire doors with glass windows; 5. No glass fire doors The

According to its door closed direction can be divided into:

1. The door closes the fire door clockwise; 2. The door closes the fire door counterclockwise.

According to its fire resistance can be divided into:

1. Insulation fire doors; 2. Partial heat insulation fire doors; 3. Non-insulated fire doors.

The opening size of the fire door is rated, therefore, must be noted in the hole size of the model specification, considering its applicability and matching so that we are in the design, installation and use.

Each corner of the fire door in the obvious position are inherent permanent signs, signs include the following:

A) product name, model specification and trademark (if any);

B) manufacturer name or manufacturer's mark and site; c) date of manufacture and production lot number; d) implementation of standards.

    In the fire door procurement, you must choose those who get the type of production certificate and the corresponding identity information signs fire doors; In addition, the fire door products, one of the important indicators of fire performance, the purchase needs to be considered, so the corresponding content should be carefully checked Fire door label, so as not to commit a mistake, affecting safety

At the same time, but also pay attention to the acceptance of fire doors and fire products hardware accessories and products provided with the following materials into the fire bag:

A) product certification; b) product brochure; c) packing list; d) product installation diagram; e) fire hardware accessories and accessories list.

Fire door installation, repair and replacement work should be by the fire door production enterprises or professional installation and maintenance units to carry out.

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