Fire Door The Use Of The Door Function

- Sep 18, 2017-

Fire Door The use of the door function

Fire doors are doors that can cut off fire when a fire occurs.

It is to meet the special requirements of fire at the same time, both the general use of the function of the door, that is usually for people to pass, the fire can be closed in time, the fire, smoke limited to a limited area to effectively prevent the spread of the fire. In accordance with the "Building Design Fire Code" and "high-rise civil building design fire safety regulations," the relevant provisions of the building fire doors are divided into A, B, C three, and clearly defined the need to install the fire door specific location and the corresponding fire rating.

Building fire doors are generally installed in the firewall must be open parts, staircase entrances and exits, room door, pipe wall openings and parts prone to fire. The fire doors shall be open doors open to the evacuation direction and the doors leading to the roofs should be opened in the direction of the roof. The fire door should be opened manually from either side after closing. For the evacuation of the aisle, staircase and the front room of the fire door should have a self-closing function, double fan and multi-fan fire doors should also have the function in sequence.

Normally open fire doors, when a fire occurs, should have a self-closing and signal feedback function. Improve the life of fire doors believe that every consumer wants to buy their own products, can have a long use of time, in fact, the use of goods not only the quality of the product and the relationship, and sometimes also depends on the use of flat , The user is how to treat this product, for example, there is no standard use, or whether there is no regular maintenance, etc., these factors will affect the product life. This is the same as the use of fire doors, as long as the use of fire doors in the usual, it is to cherish the protection, it can make it fully functional, play the role of security.

Most of the fire doors in the fire when the time, can be done automatically shut down, but there are a lot of fire doors due to the usual use of the user to neglect this point, the fire door lost its automatic function, so the door Must set up automatic door closers, at the same time, the door closers can not be installed in the fire surface, so as to avoid high temperature damage in the fire. Usually do not regularly check whether the door closet is sensitive and effective, if damaged to repair or replace the new.

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