Fire Door Refractory Wood

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Fire Door Refractory wood

Fire doors are made of fire-resistant wood or flame-retardant wood products for the door frame, door frame, door panel, door fan if the filling material, then fill the human body non-toxic harmless fire insulation materials, and with fire hardware accessories With a certain fire resistance of the door.

Fire doors meet the new national fire doors and GB 12955-1991 and GB 14101-1993. Customers should be in accordance with the actual requirements, choose to meet their own needs fire doors. The final fire door manufacturers have the responsibility to protect all Suihua fire door goods texture, the responsibility for each customer to make an affordable fire door production line, and for its appropriate product inspection department.

Door and door frame overlap size should not be less than 12mm; door and door frame with hinge side of the activities of the gap should not be greater than the design drawings specified size tolerance; door and door frame lock side of the activities of the gap should not be greater than the design drawings The gap between the door and the box or the box should not be greater than 3mm; double fan, multi-door door gap between the doors should not be greater than 3mm; door and the box or the ground of the activities of the gap should not be greater than 9mm; Door frame and the surface of the gap: the door and the door frame has a hinge side, the lock side and the box on the face of the gap should not be greater than 3mm; door and the door of the plane level difference: in the fire door surface, Poor should not be greater than 1mm. Fire door its characteristics, it is mainly reflected in the fire above the good barrier effect. But also to ensure that people's lives and the safety of the arts and art. Fire doors are generally used in large shopping malls and other places where these people gathered. It is because a lot of people flow, so the protection of security measures above, also used a lot of thought.

The use of fire doors can ensure that the fire in the case of effective to prevent the spread of the fire. In another case, it can also reduce the property damage caused by the fire. In the sale of fire doors, the market has been above a very high evaluation. Fire door manufacturers said that this is because it has excellent characteristics, so you can better attract customers.

Fire door manufacturers said that because of its important role and irreplaceable, so the country in the production of the time, the requirements are very strict, and they will be more perfect to do the quality of checks to ensure that the use of the market, the effect can be To achieve the best. Why is the fire door market bigger and bigger? In fact, we can understand from a lot of details is why? He in our market above most of the products which can be said to be very prominent, fire door manufacturers of the product shape is relatively new, and very beautiful and generous.

One of the key points of his focus is that it can play the role of fire, the fire door itself also has a certain heat resistance, so we can use the time more long, can bring us more security protection.

And he has some of the characteristics of other people do not have. In addition to his own ruggedness, it has a high security performance in terms of security, and this is one of her most unique features, he is in the market above the specifications are very much , Suitable for use in a lot of places to choose, and its installation is to have strict rules and standards.

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