Fire Door Refractory Stability

- Jun 01, 2017-

By the Ministry of Economic Affairs designated accredited laboratories, according to the January 1, 2009 implementation of the new version of the fire door national standard GB_12955-2008, fire door fire test test qualified, and obtained the Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau issued a verification certificate and authorized logo , Called the fire door. The NFPA and IBC specifications define a fire door as "a combination of any fire doors, doors, hardware and other accessories that can jointly provide a certain degree of fire protection for the opening."

Fire doors are in a certain period of time to meet the fire stability,

Integrity and insulation requirements of the door. It is located in the fire between the partition, evacuation staircase, vertical shaft and so have a certain fire resistance of the fire separator.

Fire door in addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also to prevent the spread of fire and the role of smoke spread, can be in a certain period of time to prevent the spread of the fire to ensure that evacuation.

Fire doors are generally located in the following parts.

(1) closed evacuation staircase leading to the aisle; closed elevator,

New national standard on the fire door fire resistance requirements

New national standard on the fire door fire resistance requirements

Leading to the front room and the front door leading to the aisle door.

(2) Checking doors for vertical pipe wells such as cable wells, pipe wells, flue gasways, refuseways, etc.

(3) division of fire partitions, control of the partition building area of the firewall and fireproof doors on the door. When building a firewall or fire door is difficult, use a fire shutter door instead, with water curtain protection.

(4) specifications (such as GB50016-2014 "architectural design fire safety regulations") or design special requirements fire, smoke barrier partition door.

For example: the installation of high-rise civil buildings within the fixed fire extinguishing device equipment room (cylinder room, foam station, etc.), ventilation, air conditioning room and other partitions should be used Class A fire doors; often stay or combustible more The basement room on the wall of the door, should use Class A fire doors; due to conditions, must be arranged in the high-rise buildings fuel, gas boilers, fuel oil-immersed power transformers, filled with fuel oil and other high-voltage capacitors and switches, Dedicated rooms on the wall of the door, should be used Class A fire doors. There are special requirements to be designed to fire the sub-door, such as fire control command center, archives, valuables warehouse and other sub-door, usually use Class A or B fire doors. High-level high-level residential building sub-door, often using fire security door. GB 12955-2008 Demand for fire resistance of fire doors.

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