Fire Door Performance Is The Most Superior Performance

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Fire Door Performance is the most superior performance

We all know that the existing fire door products made of steel materials in the fire door in all aspects of the performance of the most superior, is now also a steel fire door to occupy the largest market, the development potential is also the largest. The reason why steel fire doors have such a superior performance is not luck, everything from advanced technology and solid and reliable strength.

As the most important and most important performance of a fire door is to have a good fire performance, and this door in this regard is definitely the best performance of the same type of product. First of all, from the production of steel fire door inside and outside the material point of view, whether it is filled with materials or steel are the best choice, the internal filling material to play the best fire retardant effect, and the external and internal materials can be the most effective Protection, so that the actual use of both can play the best level to play the best flame retardant effect.

Secondly, the current steel doors are more analytical and flowered than other products. This advanced production technique not only greatly reduces the labor cost of producing steel doors, but also effectively reduces the error so that the production materials Loss to a minimum. Unnecessary cost of consumption to a minimum so that enterprises have greater energy into the quality of the work to improve, so the finished steel door every part of the quality of the results are more uniform and excellent.

In addition, from everyone on the door of the feeling and psychological tendencies, steel fire door steel features can make people have more sense of security, psychological and more trust the steel fire door. And smooth, smooth appearance than other types of doors more modern fire door atmosphere, beautiful atmosphere. For the fire door, in the production time, not only to use a better steel, but also pay attention to its internal filling material, if it is a common door, and it is in the production, you can use the general filling material , But for this door, it also need to pay attention.

Because the main role of the fire door is fire, and it is in the fire, the steel itself is able to achieve the effect of heat transfer, so it is only played not to burn, but still can not achieve fire, but for the door of the internal It is often very important to use what kind of filling material it uses.

In general, the fire door manufacturer in the internal filling material, often also use the fireproof material, and this will also be able to make it achieve the effect of insulation, otherwise, it is encountered At high temperatures, the interior is still burning, or is not burning, but can not meet the requirements of insulation, and this will also play a fire for the entire product impact.

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