Fire Door Operation To Use

- Jul 03, 2017-

Fire Door Operation to use

First, pay attention to the electric fire shutter around the door there are no objects, will not suddenly affect the fire when the electric fire shutter doors of the normal switch, so generally in the electric fire shutter doors at the bottom or around to keep no other objects The Second, the electric shutter doors of the operators in the operation of the time can not leave the operation of the place, should always pay attention to the electric fire shutter doors straight and open and close the situation, in the opening and closing of the fire shutter doors below no one in the Move around and stand to prevent malfunctions in the process of opening and closing the electric shutter doors, clicking on the blockage, rolling the curtains, and other possible accidents.

Third, the fire partition and fire cut off the steel fire shutter doors in the usual use can not be so frequent, if there is a fire in this place, the shutter should be effectively put into use. Automatic control of fire control with controlled control and central control center must be carried out in accordance with a set of control command procedures.

Fourth, in the use of electric fire shutter doors in the process, as long as the abnormal situation occurs, we must immediately take the relevant emergency measures, cut off the power in time to troubleshoot.

Fifth, for those who do not open the long-term fire shutter doors must be maintained once a year, including brushing paint to eliminate dust, but also on the transmission part of the chain roller chain to add lubricants. To always check the electrical lines and electrical equipment is not damaged, but also check the operation process is not normal, can not meet the instructions, such as damage and do not meet the requirements of the immediate need to find professional staff Overhaul.

 First, in the fire shutter doors on both sides of the manual lift button control box, electric fire shutter doors under normal circumstances are by the special fire control room to complete the remote control of electric fire shutter doors.

   Second, in the extraordinary period can also push the button box by pushing the shutter door to drop or rise. But in the operation of the time must not be placed at the bottom or the top of the position, because it will be easy to make electric fire shutter door here, and will affect the normal use of electric shutter doors. We know in the daily life of some of the electric fire shutter doors of some of the operating process will not make us in the event of fire can only be helpless, when the fire comes when there are some self-help measures.

   Third, the electric fire shutter doors are now widely used, so we should pay attention to the usual use of electric fire shutter doors maintenance and maintenance, and also often on the fire shutter doors for appropriate testing to prevent the fire Time to normal use.

   Fourth, in the daily use of mechanical, circuit, etc. when the failure occurs, you need to use the manual zipper to fire or lift the fire or down, so as to ensure their own safety.

First, in the maintenance of fire shutter doors when the need to check the fire shutter doors of the line there is no problem, do not directly without testing began to repair, so do not know if there is a hidden danger, or a great danger The

     Second, the important components of the fire shutter doors by the door frame, a number of pieces of metal, scrolls, the metal is between the hinge through the hinge convergence, mandrel was both ends of the large and small and one end can be assembled, Of the cohesive side of the rules and regulations of the rugged and concave serrated, in which the convex part of the lug-like and both ends of the mandrel through the hole, the metal bumps are nested together and through the mandrel in series. Repair the time to clean all of these holes again, and then see if there is damage, regardless of the final there is no problem, be sure to all scrub again. This is also to prevent the late fire shutter doors performance degradation, reduced service life.

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