Fire Door Necessary Use

- Oct 30, 2017-

Fire Door Necessary use

When it comes to the fire door, you will probably feel to entwine, what is the fire door, it refers to the us in the time of produce, what kind of fire in the door with a product. Often meet the small fire, ordinary doors and fast burning, more is the what kind of wooden door, the moments will send you as a new burning, however the existence of the fire door will not break the ranks of such signs.

And fire prevention in the safe channel, mostly we see once produced what fire, so let's fire door is played a necessary use, might as well help us quite useful to isolate the fire, so don't discriminate against the fire door, the peace of the fire door to let's play a necessary use.

Can be normal fire shutter, the premise of refractory integrity and content violates my fire surface temperature rise for refractory limit for determining premise and smoke prevention function of super fire shutter premise. Broad applied to what type of industry and civil and build the premise measure against the fire surface temperature rise, low against the wind the premise of venues, such as the office, supermarket, shopping malls, exhibition hall, underground garage, entertainment venues and other things to build the fire zone of. Obtained a magnificent to the recognition and praise!

The ordinary wooden door, not isolated from the fire, and there are perhaps moments to increase the fire, but the existence of the fire door will prevent this what kind of sign, make fire narrow, mostly in the safe passage of the ground to see it. And it also send we bring a lot of safe use, we found not only in the field, contained in some construction site has witnessed.

As the long-term employment, spring, summer, fire prevention and control to twists and turns a fire incident within their respective jurisdictions. For days, fire supervise law enforcement staff to the inn, supermarkets and other employees within their respective jurisdictions intensive occasions for assault.

Inspection, the supervision law enforcement staff focus on scattered all way, fire doors, fire shutter, fire and fire control facilities configuration has a full and clear inspection. After the inspection, no poor most consistent correlation sample unit circumstances and conditions. There are also a small unit occasion there are scattered all crowded and harm of fire extinguisher obscured, fire emergency light is abnormal. In this, south circular road a inn is normally closed fire door normally open, normally open LongShui Town a supermarket is often closed form of fire door, supervise the law enforcement staff instructs its on-site rectification.

The security guard at the inn and the supermarket looked blankly at the urging of the law enforcement staff, as if to ask, "what is a regular open or often closed fire door? What is the difference between a closed fire door and a fire door? In what circumstances do you use regular open or often closed fire doors?"

Is normally closed, it is said, often closed fire door, often open is normally open fire door. Also, some say, often someone to pass, it should be configured normally open fire door. Long time no one by the location of the configuration will be normally closed fire doors. Others said, someone through the door is open, past the back door is automatically closed, this is normally closed fire door. No one by the door is open, produce fire when the door is closed, open fire door is often.

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