Fire Door Fire Fighting Facilities

- Aug 12, 2017-

Fire Door Fire fighting facilities

The method of identifying the quality of fire doors

In our daily life, the quality of fire products is directly related to the lives of consumers and social security. Fire officers to show the public is usually easier to access, and even the public at home and ultimately, the decorative fire-retardant paint, glass sprinkler, indoor fire hydrant, fire pump adapter, fire door five categories of fire products identification method.

In the wood fire doors and steel fire doors of the showcase, showing the old and new standard fire door model. Fire police officers said that the standard wood fire doors, wood soaked in special syrup, in the gap paste stickers; steel fire door is filled with a new type of natural environmental materials perlite. Fire police officers in the field with high temperature spray gun on the perlite test to show that this material is not easy to burn the characteristics, and no smoke smell, is a better environment-friendly materials.

In addition, the fire police also reminded the public to identify the authenticity of the fire door must see a few hardware: First, the fire door ID card, this certificate from a special tool to scan into the computer, the Ministry of Public Security website can see the specific information; See the metal door on the fire door, which marked with specific parameters; in addition to the store must also have a test report and a certificate. As long as the fire with these hardware doors are qualified fire doors.

Fire department to remind the general public, in addition to the usual increase in the fire products to learn more about the sale of counterfeit fire products to find the behavior of bold reports, common maintenance and purification of fire products market, so that fake and shoddy fire products nowhere to hide.

How to avoid the fire door repair problems

In the area to carry out extensive use of fire facilities, maintenance, management, publicity and education, and strive to improve people's awareness of fire and self-protection awareness;

One is in the area to carry out extensive use of fire facilities, maintenance, management, publicity and education, and strive to improve people's awareness of fire and self-protection awareness;

Second, is the installation of fire doors repair units to carry out a wide range of fire umbrella knowledge publicity and education training, and strive to let each employee are aware of the use of fire doors maintenance, maintenance, management of basic knowledge, consciously participate in the maintenance of life, , So that it is always in combat readiness;

Three, is the fire door repair posted fire door repair purposes, functions and easy to use the state and the use of basic requirements in the normally closed fire door repair prominent position to write: "normally closed fire door repair, please keep off" Let customers and the masses understand Basic knowledge of fire door repair;

Four Is carried out to protect the fire facilities and equipment publicity activities, mobilize everyone to participate in fire door repair and other fire protection facilities.

Fire doors in accordance with its material can be divided into steel fire doors, wood fire doors, fire glass door three. The following three kinds of fire doors on the composition of the three kinds of fire doors to do one by one to explain:

First, the steel fire door:

Steel fire doors are made of cold-rolled sheet cold-formed molding, the door of the cavity filled with fire-resistant insulation materials.

Second, wood fire doors:

Wood fire doors are generally made in the form of plywood doors, the wood structure to be pressurized fire impregnation and other refractory treatment, plywood brushing fire retardant coating. In order to ensure the overall fire effect of the door, to avoid the loss of high temperature switch function, it should use the hardware accessories fire resistance, inlaid glass should be fire glass,

Third, the fire glass door:

Fireproof glass is in two or more layers of flat glass between the condensation of a transparent flame retardant rubber compound made.

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