Fire Door Door Plate Thickness

- Sep 27, 2017-

Fire Door Door plate thickness

How to distinguish between security doors and fire doors?

First, first explain the difference between the two

The main function of the security door is tamper sealing performance is better, generally do not open the door after the door can not open the door, the door is not a filler material fire. Security door must have "fam" signs, and with reference to anti-theft security door common technical conditions gb17565-1998.

Fire doors are also steel but the door is filled with fireproof material, door steel plate thickness also has different requirements.

Steel door is an ordinary steel door, he also has a certain anti-theft function but tamper performance is relatively poor, the general street processing plants are this category.

Second, the fire against the door.

At present, only Shanghai and Chengdu have a local standard of fire security doors, other places generally only can be called fire into the door, that is, both to reach the national fire Class A or B fire door standards, (within the fire core or rock wool material) Class A standard is generally divided by anti-burning time. At the same time in the following aspects to achieve tamper requirements:

1. The door frame is thicker 2.0, the thickness of the front and back of the door is 0.8,

2. Lock with tamper function, that is, the lock body both oblique tongue, but also spit out the side of the tongue, but not allowed to install the world lock.

Lock and cat's eye should have a fire test report, B fire into the door can be installed door collar, Class A is not allowed to install.

Acceptance of the business must provide fire type approval certificate, fire detection report, metal into the door inspection report. Lock, cat's eye fire detection report.

Third, on the use of anti-theft doors and fire doors recommendations

General door with anti-theft door, bedroom and other can use fire doors.

Anti-theft door ≠ steel door

Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau of Technology Prevention and Management Office Deputy Director Li Shijian told reporters that the security door is the abbreviation of anti-theft security door, it is the same concept and anti-broken door, so the steel door is not the same as the security door. Ministry of Public Security as early as 1992, developed a public safety industry standard "anti-theft security door common technical conditions" ga25-92, clearly pointed out that the security door is a special lock and anti-theft device, must be the legal testing agencies according to standard testing qualified and production enterprises Where the provincial public security bureau (bureau) security technology to prevent Li Shijian pointed out: the so-called metal doors, steel doors, home doors are in the "clean edge ball", is to avoid the country on the strict provisions of the security door. Compared with the anti-theft door, some metal home door frames, doors and locks around the lack of reinforcement plate, ribs, the use of rigid hot plate is not strong, poor product quality, safety performance is no fundamental guarantee. Li Shijian said, anti-theft door can be made from different materials, but only to achieve the standard test qualified, to receive security technology to prevent products that can be called the door of the security door. At present, due to product appearance is almost the same, many consumers do not know, often by the dealer misleading. "This phenomenon has aroused our attention, in the relevant measures to do research."

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