Fire Door Door Frame Structure

- Sep 05, 2017-

Fire Door Door frame structure

The steel fire door is formed by the door frame, the door leaf through the hinge connection, the door should be equipped with door closers, fire lock, double door should also be installed dark bolt (mounted on the side of the fixed fan) and the waiter to prevent The door in the seam. If the door is on the door, the door to be installed glass, should be installed with the door with the same fire limit of fire glass. Due to the size of the steel plate size constraints, single door in the case of no joints in the case of the door width can be made size ≤ 1200mm. C-class C-class fire doors filled with different internal thermal insulation coefficient of non-combustible materials from the processing, B / C grade gate thickness of less than 45mm. The door frame structure has two kinds of cross section. Shaped large cross section is mainly designed for box-style wall structure. With high noise, air tightness requirements of the fire doors and more use of four sides of the box (the next threshold with the mouth and add a sealed slot, the tank filled with chloroprene rubber. At present, some manufacturers of domestic production level is high, the flatness of the door, Deflection, diagonal size, door and box gap are up to GB12955-91 "steel fire door general technical conditions." Steel fire doors with the traditional anti-theft door of all the nature, can be used in home life. The door is made of good metal synthetic materials to create, is based on aluminum and stainless steel as the main processing materials, so that it has a strong hardness, but also solve the problem of rust can produce chemical reactions at high temperatures, generate oxygen At the same time can control the fire point. Steel fire doors can play a good fire insulation effect, which is other metal doors do not have the performance of the metal itself has a good thermal conductivity, steel fire doors using the latest scientific and technological achievements , Can withstand the impact and not deformation, can bring greater safety for home life. At the same time can also be used as a plant door, both to ensure that products from fire Invasion can also prevent product theft.

Fire doors manufacturers also introduced wooden fire doors, mainly used in the interior, exquisite carving patterns for life also added a wonderful, is a fire door series of products a new breakthrough, is not easy to burn wood material processing, can play Fireproof effect; steel fire door is the most original fire door products, mainly used in the factory and its doors, the use of fine aluminum alloy processing steel doors, changing the thermal conductivity of metal, can play a very good Fireproof role, all-metal to build the facade quality is absolutely no problem; Gangmu fire door is the perfect combination of steel and solid wood, light and beautiful and generous, applied in many areas of life have played a good effect, it can be said is Fire door series of products in the most admirable products.

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