Fire Door Application Principle

- Aug 01, 2017-

Fire Door Application principle

The Characteristics and Application Principle of Steel Material Fireproof Door

In many large hospitals and important warehouse storage location, will be placed some fire doors, the most important public is to achieve the isolation and re-division of space to ensure the safety of the use of space. In the current application market, a lot of steel fire doors are made of steel frame with the internal insulation layer for the actual assembly, it has a lot of features in the application.

Because this kind of product has a very flexible and flexible operation, it will further reduce the weight of the application of the door, the general steel fire doors are made of steel plate welding and sealing composition. In the case of fire, the general steel fire doors can achieve thousands of degrees of high temperature resistance, in the case of up to a few hours without deformation and ventilation, so as to ensure the safety of the application, for the rescue and protection work with enough time.

With the hot people for the indoor environment safety requirements have increased, more and more people began to pay attention to the use of steel fire doors, and in its color, decoration and other aspects of further transformation and application.

Analysis of Technical Requirements for Production of Steel Fireproof Door

The safety of steel fire doors is the key to ensuring product safety,

1, processing requirements

1) Material requirements: door frame fan steel plate required to use the electrolytic plate of large steel mills, and for a roll forming. The door frame is equipped with welding reinforced steel angle, the door frame hinge reinforcement iron outer welding galvanized mud box, the door inside the reinforced partition. Door plate steel plate should be connected with the internal skeleton should be a reliable connection. Steel material thickness: door frame steel plate thickness ≥ 1.2 mm, door panel thickness ≥ 0.8mm, without screw reinforcement ≥1.2mm, with screw hole reinforcement, ≥ 3.0mm.

2), filling material

Steel door frame filled with 1: 2.5 cement perlite mortar or 1: 3 cement mortar. The steel door frame is provided with a seal groove in which the seal is made of non-combustible material, and the four sides are embedded in the fireproof and swollen. The door is filled with perlite or cement foam board or other fireproof fillers that meet the requirements.

3) other materials, adhesives

Should be non-toxic harmless to the human body, should be approved by the national authorized testing agencies to achieve GB8624-2006 requirements of the combustion performance A1 requirements and GB / T20285-2006 requirements of the production of toxic toxicity classification ZA2 level requirements

4) fire lock

Steel fire door should be installed fire lock, fire lock the firmness, flexibility and appearance quality should be consistent with the provisions of QB / T2474, in the door of the lock body, fire lock should have a handle or push bar institutions.

5) fire doors with hinge (hinge) thickness should not be less than 3mm. Ming hinge.

6) fire door closers: fire doors should be installed fire door closers, or set so that normally open fire doors in the event of fire can automatically close the door of the door device (special parts, such as pipe doors, etc.), fire off Door machine should be qualified by the national authorized testing organizations qualified, its performance should be consistent with the provisions of GA-93. Automatically closed the door of the door device, should be approved by the national authorized authorized testing agencies.

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