Fiberglass Doors Glass Fiber Reinforced Materials

- Jun 15, 2017-

fiberglass doors Glass fiber reinforced materials

Fiberglass doors and windows are known as the international wood, steel, aluminum, plastic after the fifth generation of doors and windows products, both aluminum alloy solid, and plastic doors and windows of the insulation, corrosion resistance, more its own unique features: colorful , Beautiful, stylish, no expansion in the sun, no shrink in the winter cold, no metal to strengthen, anti-aging, with the building with the life (about 50 years). FRP doors and windows unique material structure, it has a certain excellent characteristics.

English: The glass steel door window

Glass fiber reinforced glass fiber reinforced material, is the early 20th century, the development of a new composite materials, it has a light, high strength, corrosion, insulation, insulation, noise and many other advantages.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows are made of alkali glass fiber roving and its fabric as a reinforcing material, the use of unsaturated resin as a matrix material, through a special process to these two materials composite, and add other mineral filler, and then heat curing, All kinds of different sections of the fasting profile processing.

Key Features Editor

Anti-aging, high strength. Fiberglass profiles of the fasting abdominal cavity without steel as a lining, do not need any single material to enhance the auxiliary, relying entirely on its own structure support. As the glass fiber and its fabric as a reinforcing material, after the resin bonded without wool exposed, the mechanical pultrusion heat curing molding, so bending, bending, anti-deformation.

Corrosion resistance, long life FRP is a high quality composite material. It is acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive media have a special anti-corrosion function, will not rust. Ordinary PVC life of 15 years, and glass fiber life of 50 years, and the basic life of the building, so the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows can reduce the trouble of replacing windows and doors, save money.

Vigorously develop glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows, glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded not only energy saving, saving resources, but also has to maintain the ecological, environmental protection, the benefit of future generations of far-reaching significance

FRP doors and windows with the following excellent features:

(A) light high strength

FRP profile density of 1.7 or so, it is 4 to 5 times lighter than steel, and the strength is very large, the tensile strength of 350 ~ 450MPa, and ordinary carbon steel close to the bending strength of 388MPa, bending elastic modulus of 20900MPa, Reinforced with steel lined, "Beijing Shengfeng Sunshine" brand glass steel windows by the detection, wind pressure performance of 5.3Kpa, more than the international standard GB / T7106-2002 level 8.

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