Fake Fire Door Illegal Dens Are End

- Nov 04, 2016-

A few days ago, Longgang, a production and sales of fake and shoddy fire doors of the suspects were arrested. According to reports, this is the city's Public Security Bureau cracked the first production and sales of fake and shoddy products (fire category) case now suspects have been detained by the police involved.

According to introduced, recently Longgang police branch six about police station received public Zheng a reported said, he purchase back of Serie b fire door suspected for fake products, received reported Hou, fire full-time police immediately to verification, confirmed Zheng a by purchased fire door does for fake fire door, immediately, Longgang police branch established by six about police station and fire supervision management Brigade composition project, full thoroughly investigate this up case.

Project after visiting forensic, henggang four communities investigated a small workshop sheds of the Tin House used to make fire doors and Windows, task force also captured two suspects both deep in Wan Chen and Zhuang, and currently, the suspect has been detained.

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