Emergency Exit Door Emergency Use

- Jun 15, 2017-

Emergency exit door Emergency use

he term "emergency exit" refers to the construction of a special exit as an emergency use (such as a fire), used as a special escape route, allowing the public to quickly evacuate.

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 The exit is usually located in a special location (eg in a stairwell, corridor location or other relevant place). Emergency fire doors will be equipped with alarm devices, fire doors will also set up above the export signs.

Some buildings, such as schools, often conduct fire drills to teach how to use emergency exit to escape. If people know how to escape and emergency exit is not locked in the fire, many disasters can stop. For example, in the 911 terrorist attacks in the World Trade Center, some of the emergency exit in the building inconvenience, part of the lock. In StardustDisaster and the 2006 Moscow hospital fire, emergency exits are locked and most windows are blocked.

In many countries, all newly established commercial buildings are required to have a well-marked emergency exit. Old buildings must improve the fire escape device. Some countries due to emergency exit does not meet the standards, causing the fire caused serious casualties.

On the plane, in addition to boarding, under the machine used by the import and export, there are several escape with the export, equipped with inflatable sliding slides can allow passengers and crew to escape quickly, the cabin walkway will be marked to guide the passenger escape path The The seat of the escape is usually allowed only by the willingness and physical condition to permit the flight attendant to open the escape door to the passengers. Before the plane takes off, play the film or show it by the flight attendant to let the passengers know how to escape. 

Iron road vehicles are also equipped with escape exports, in order to avoid the usual accidentally caused passengers to throw out the car, escape the door to open the door handle is usually a glass or plastic plate isolation. In addition, there may be an emergency exit due to fire or other reasons can not be opened, the car will be equipped with broken window, knock the window corner can be broken and escape the window.

The door of the vehicle as an emergency exit is called the Pacific Gate. In order to avoid confusion with the cool colors of the outdoor environment (such as green, azure, blue, etc.) due to the use of green, and when the vehicle is in a dark environment, the light from the interior is more clearly reflected, Said, in order to obtain a larger color contrast; In addition, the white is also part of the flat door marked with the color.

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