Door Frames Construction Points

- Jul 03, 2017-

Door Frames Construction points

What are the steps to be done in the installation of the door frame? What should be noted in the production of the door frame? For everyone to explain their steps and methods! First, the post-plug method construction point doors and windows openings according to the location and size of the drawings, Doors and windows large 30-40mm (each side of the large 15-20mm); wall, the hole on both sides of the provisions of the wood into the brick or drilling, brick size is about half brick, spacing of not more than 700cm, each side of the three; Door frame, window frame, the first door into the door into the door, with wooden wedge temporary fixed, with the wire hammer and the level of correction. After correction, with a nail to the door frame nailed to the wood bricks, each brick should be nailed two nails, nail hat smashed into the stole inside; mouth, be sure to pay special attention to the direction of the door, the door of the location should be be consistent.

Construction Preparation Before installing the door, first check the door frame, the middle and the next three parts are the same width, if the difference is more than 5mm, should be trimmed. Check the door opening direction, and mark, so as not to fan the wrong. Before installing the door, set the size of the door frame in advance, consider the size of the wind (loose), and then to further determine the width and height of the fan, and repair plan, the door should be set in the door frame, and check the calibration and door frame The tightness. As the wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage expansion, and doors, door frames need to leave the thickness of the bottom layer of paint, so the installation to stay seam. General door to the vertical joints to stay 1.5-2.5mm, and according to the size of the repair planing. 2, the construction points will be a good planer, with a wooden wedge temporarily stand in the door frame, draw the gap after drawing the hinge position. Hinge position from the top and bottom of the distance should be the door height of 1/10, this position on the hinge force more favorable, but also to avoid the wedge. And then take the fan down, with the fan shovel out of the hinge slot, hinge slot should be outside the shallow, inside the deep, the depth should be the fan hanging, check whether the gap meets the requirements, fan and box are flush, fan can live. Check the qualified, then all the screws on the Qi. 3, the installation of the quality requirements of the installation of door frames or sets of doors should be consistent with the following provisions of the door frame should be installed before the correction of the rules, nail good oblique bar, no lower door of the door should be added nail horizontal pull to prevent the transport and the process of deformation The The door frames (or sets of doors) should be installed in the course of the building in accordance with the level of design requirements and the flat position.

4, when the first need to install the door when the door frame, it is appropriate to keep the door at the same time, leaving the door of the gap, in the door frame in place after the closure gap. When the side of the door frame to be installed when the panel, the doors and windows should be prominent wall, protruding thickness should be equal to the thickness of the plaster layer. The gap between the door frame and the external wall masonry should be filled with insulation material. 5, the installation of windows and doors hardware, should meet the following requirements should be fully installed hardware, location suitable, fixed and reliable. Hinge from the door, the bottom should take the height of 1/10, and to avoid the upper and lower. 6, after installation, should switch flexible. Hardware are fixed with wood screws, not with nails instead. Should first hammer into the 1/3 depth, and then screw into, is strictly prohibited into the full depth. When using hardwood, drill a hole of 2/3 depth and 0.9 times the diameter of the wood screw. It is not advisable to install a door lock at the junction of the dark head and the side.

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