Customized Fire Doors Industry Market Pattern Formation

- Nov 04, 2016-

Fire door is with fire flame retardant material made of has refractory stability, and integrity and insulation sex of door, main for building fire partition of firewall opening, and stairs between out entrance, and evacuation aisle, and pipeline wellhead, at, usually for personnel passage, in occurred fire Shi can up to block flame spread and prevent burning flue gas flow, and in are sent wind system work Shi up sealed of role, fire door products of development, and development and production on guarantees people life property of security up to has active of role.

China fire door market started more late, but development quickly, China of fire door market also belongs to a emerging of industry, market capacity and market potential huge, has is big of development space, but due to fire door of qualification threshold high, national on fire door of detection also is strictly, row industry market pattern also no formed, big enterprise, and big brand less, no national leading brand of moments, do products, started brand, is a fire door manufacturers most main of things.

Fire doors in accordance with national standards of production, the fire door inspection reports, fire certificate, the other on a fire door with a red label is fire door electronic "identity card".

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