Steel Fire Door Steel Material

- Jun 09, 2017-

Steel Fire Door Steel material

Steel fire doors for the production of steel materials, door frames, door frames and door panels, doors if filled material, then fill the human body non-toxic harmless fire insulation materials, and with fire hardware accessories made of a certain fire Performance of the door.

To prevent fire protection requirements of underground or building fire spread and control of wind safety facilities, usually divided into steel and wood fire doors.

Class A fire doors, fire resistance limit of 1.5 hours

Class B fire doors, fire resistance limit of 1.0 hours

Class C fire doors, fire limit 0.5 hours

Fire doors in fact there are many types, such as by the material points, there are wooden fire doors, glass fire doors, steel fire doors, etc .; according to the use of functional points: a fire door, access door fire doors, fire doors, fire Door, fast lock fire doors, fire in case of fire open fire doors, multi-function fire doors;

According to the technical points: electronic fire doors and so on;

According to the door closers installation location points: external fire doors and built-in fire doors;

Different points: emergency and statistical functions, the system can automatically display on the computer specified cardholder's physical location, easy to contact in time.

Fire and other emergencies, the electronic fire door will automatically open, easy to escape, the entrance can also be automatically opened; when the illegal out of time, will automatically alarm

Fire doors are an important part of fire equipment, is an important part of social fire, so the quality of fire doors and the use of the problem is the key to the success or failure of fire. Some customers on the fire door is not necessary to install a closed door is also a little knowledge.

Fire door according to the material points: a steel fire doors and wooden fire doors of these two kinds of fire doors in the installation method has some details on the different. From the fire level is also slightly different in the installation of the time must pay attention to the details.

First, the wooden fire door in the installation, the door frame size should be less than the hole 20mm, the door under the foot buried under the ground 20mm. Door frame should be fixed with the wall firmly, vertical through angle. Li Tang, holding the Tang should be strict attention to the same angle, to avoid the planing saw. Door frame on both sides of the fixed point of not less than 3, the spacing is best not more than 800mm.

Second, the steel fire door in the installation process, taking into account the door frame bending deformation of this problem, in the direction of the width of the door frame with wood Fang support up, the door frame foot buried under the ground 20mm, then the door frame and the wall of the embedded parts welding. And then in the corner of the door on the corner of the hole, pouring cement, sand, expanded perlite (1: 2: 5) concrete, and other concrete can be used after solidification.

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