Metal Doors Fire Shutter Doors

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Metal Doors Fire shutter doors

Metal doors are also common type of bedroom door, in general, the use of accessories used stainless steel or galvanized material, the surface paste PVC. This door gives the feeling of being too cold and used.

Contains: containing, shutter doors, retractable door, real abdomen door, fasting door and so on.

 Fire shutter doors with the role of the same firewall to play the same level of fire, it is by the curtain plate, seat plate, rails, bearings, reel, box, control box, rolling door machine, limiter, lintel, manual speed switch device, Button switches and insurance devices and other 13 parts, generally installed in the inconvenience to use the firewall separated parts. Such as: open elevator hall, escalator, department store large business hall, the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall and the building can not use the larger fire doors and windows of the site. Fire shutter doors in the construction works, so that the separation of fire has been the majority of applications.

First, the fire shutter Category:

Material: steel, composite, inorganic and so on.

According to the installation of the form: the wall, the wall side (or hole, outside the hole) two.

According to the opening direction can be divided into: volume and side volume two.

Fire curtains fire performance classification has no national standards, GB14102 "steel fire shutter universal technical conditions" will be ordinary steel fire shutter is divided into:

F1 level, fire time 1.50h

F2 level, fire time 2.0h

Composite steel fire shutter is divided into:

F3 level, fire time 2.50h

F4 level, fire time 3.00h

But GB GB14102 on the fire resistance of steel fire shutter classification, are not required to test the fire test surface temperature rise, nor to the surface temperature as a fire to determine the conditions of fire, in recent years, the market appears steam mist Steel fireproof shutter, evaporative steam-type steel fire shutter, etc., according to "high rules" requirements, when used as a fire partition partition of the components, must be the back of the fire surface temperature rise as the fire conditions to determine the conditions. In order to distinguish between the above two different conditions to determine the fire resistance of the fire shutter classification, in the fire shutter classification before the introduction of national standards, "high regulation" management experts recommend: according to national standards "door and the fire curtain fire test Method "GB7633 fire test, to meet the requirements of the surface temperature rise in the determination of the conditions, the fire limit ≥ 3.0h, known as the special fire shutter, all in the fire test is not the back of the fire surface temperature as a judge Conditions collectively referred to as ordinary fire shutter.

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