Door Frames Border And Upper Threshold

- Jun 09, 2017-

Door Frames Border and upper threshold

Door frame interpretation: around the doorway on both sides and the top of the border and the upper threshold, set in the wall, usually supporting the door, exposed door frame.

The door is fixed around the wall of the frame.

"Heroes of the Heroes" ninth back: "Zhang old met, step to grab the door, his hands fence door frame, said: 'girl, which can not! Have good words!'" Cao Yu "sunrise" first "Zhou Zibo" mountain change "on the second:" Deng Xiuping turned back to the door to see, I saw a nearly high-Qi door frame, the chest of the straightening of the chest, the door of the door, The mighty creature broke into the room.

Old house in the old building in order to prevent the door and the door above the wall collapse of the device.

At the same time to facilitate the installation of doors, hinges and locks, latches and so on

Generally with wooden side of the commercial housing are generally doors

The existing regulatory requirements, doors and windows frame and the gap between the walls, should be filled with elastic material filled with the surface sealant seal. Under normal circumstances, in order to improve the thermal insulation performance and "blocking the cold bridge", doors and windows around the gap between the walls and walls, and more use of cold felt, polystyrene foam, silicone foam sealant, and other soft Quality material in a filling stuffing, the thickness does not exceed the thickness of the doors and windows box, the surface seal with a sealant.

Introduction: In recent years, with the rapid development of steel and aluminum doors and windows, the construction industry management departments require flexible connections between doors and windows and walls. Most of the builders use the following methods.

Between the doors and windows and the wall filled with rock wool, the outer layer of cement with smooth, and then paste the wallpaper or brush paint. This treatment is smeared with outer cement. Over time, due to displacement changes, doors and windows edge of the cement will still have cracks appear.

Between doors and windows and walls sealed with a resin sealant, the outer layer for paint or wallpaper and other decoration. This approach is often less than a year to crack. The reason is that the current domestic market, most of the acrylic sealant for the poor sealant, the displacement is very small. If you use a better quality acrylic sealant, the middle gap needs to be filled with foam or polyurethane styrofoam, the use of the effect is good.

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