Fire Windows installation

- Nov 04, 2016-

(1) fire Windows must be checked before installation, such as caused by careless storage window frame and sash warping, distortion, breakage of glass, repair before they can be installed.

(2) fire when the window is installed, must use the spirit level flat or hang around before and after correction of vertical, horizontal, vertical and level.

(3) window frame must be the building as a whole, with wood or iron parts connected to the wall. Steel frame between the window frame and the wall must be watered after the installation of cement mortar and conservation for more than 24 hours before normal use.

(4) accessories mounting hole location should be accurate, makes metal fittings can be installed flat, firm, reach requirements.

(5) fire-resistant glass installation, clip joints must have a uniform position after four slot with fire-resistant cotton fill fill and seal edges.

(6) in addition to the above requirements, should be carried out according to the requirements of the code for construction and acceptance of.

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