Fire door use in life

- Nov 04, 2016-

Steel fire door frame is a good choice of refined steel, refining Iron at high temperature, after professional processing of iron and steel has high hardness and ductility, won't break on a metal surface with a layer of natural rubber, can be a good thermal insulation on temperature, ease of thermal effect of metal fire door plant families.

As the first public fire door products, using the finest aluminum and steel doors, changes the conductivity of metals, can play a positive role as a fire, all-metal building of appearance quality is absolutely no problem, can withstand any blow.

New development out of products on single open fire door has is good of using in life among, good of quality and affordable of price, into wood quality insulation fire door to home life and factory warehouse of fa├žade preferred, because the products in life in the of due by mass friends of recognized, manufacturers will in this based Shang more strengthening has security and fire sex, on frames of design also into has more of elements, can for life brings a copies security of guarantee, many friends are for its was happy.

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